What Does Dragon Fruit Taste Like? What Does A Dragon Fruit Taste Like? What Do Dragon Fruit Taste Like?

Not only are dragon fruits loaded with vitamins, fiber, antioxidants, and prebiotics, it is also one of the most visually appealing fruits as well! One of the most asked questions we receive, is what does a dragon fruit taste like? That’s why we thought we would try to help answer that question!

A ripe dragon fruit has a soft texture, and tastes similar to a blend consisting of kiwi, watermelon, or a pear. An unripe dragon fruit, however, has basically no flavor.

It can also be hard to tell the difference between a ripe dragon fruit and a non ripe dragon fruit. A ripe dragon fruit will be heavier as it contains the most juice. We recommend picking up several while at the store, and you should be able to notice the difference. A ripe dragon fruit should also be slightly firm, similar to how an avocado feels.

Dragon fruit are white with small black seeds on the inside, and a bright pink on the outside. They are native to South America, Central America, and Mexico. They are also the fruit of cacti which only blooms one time, in the dark!

Overall, it seems people either love or hate dragon fruit, but everyone can agree they are absolutely stunning to look at!


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