How Many Bananas Are In A Cup – How Many Bananas Are In A Pound – Banana Measurement Guide

Looking for how many bananas are in a cup? Or how many bananas are in a pound? Look no further, as we tried to compile a good guide to help you with your next recipe!

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1 Banana2/3 Cups Diced
2 Bananas1 Cup Diced
3 Bananas1 Cup Mashed Banana
1 Pound Of Dried Bananas4.5 Cups Sliced
3 Bananas1 Pound
1 Banana120 Grams
1 Banana4 Ounces
1 Banana Bunch100 Bananas

The above table is a quick guide, but we thought we would break it down further below to make sure there is no confusion.

  • One banana is 2/3 cups diced
  • Two bananas is one cup diced
  • Three bananas is one cup mashed
  • One pound of dried bananas is roughly 4.5 cups sliced
  • Three bananas weighs roughly one pound
  • One banana is 120 grams
  • One banana is roughly four ounces
  • One banana bunch is equal to roughly 100 bananas

We hope this quick banana measurement guide comes in handy when it comes to comes to your next baking project!