Orange Measurement Guide – How Many Oranges Are In A Pound – How Many Oranges In A Cup

Looking for a quick guide on how many oranges are in a pound, or how many oranges are in a cup? Well look no further as we have tried to compile a quick guide for helping you with doing the same! Check out the table below for all your orange conversion/measurement needs!

1 Orange5 Ounces
2 Oranges 10 Ounces
3 Oranges1 Pound
15 Oranges5 Pounds
3 Oranges1 Cup Juiced
12 Oranges1 Quart Juiced
46 Oranges1 Gallon Juiced
15 Oranges1 Litre Juiced
50 – 70 Oranges1 Bushel Of Oranges
1 Orange10 Slices
10 Oranges100 Slices

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As you can see in the above table, one orange is equal to roughly five ounces, and three oranges is equal to roughly one pound. 15 oranges is equal to roughly five pounds. It takes roughly three oranges to make one cup of juice, 12 oranges make one quart juiced, and it takes roughly 45 oranges to make one gallon of orange juice. One litre is equal to 15 oranges, and one bushel is equal to roughly 50-70 oranges. One orange usually has ten slices, and ten oranges would have roughly 100 slices.

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We hope you found this guide helpful, and if so, please let us know!


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